Kuala Lumpur Garden & Parks

An educational tour of nature and environment outside of a jungle.

Kuala Lumpur Garden & Parks

The Orchid Garden houses about 3000 species of orchid plants, of which 800 species are from Malaysia. This huge collection includes hybrid and exotic species thriving abundantly on this one hectare of ­oral paradise. Truly one of nature’s greatest creations, be awed as you feast your eyes in this colorful garden of Eden.

The beautiful and lush Butter­y Park is created with more than 15,000 plants to give it the look and feel of a rainforest. The Park is home to some 6,000 inhabitants of over 120 species. At the nursery you will learn about the life cycle and mating habit of these graceful insects.

There is an interesting insect and creepy-crawlers museum.

The largest enclosed aviary in South East Asia, the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park lies on a sprawling 8 acres of verdant valley terrain, houses over 5000 birds, mostly local and some imported. Come spot and identify the many types of nature’s feathered beauties.

Pickup Schedule

Day Morning Session
Monday 08.45 – 09.15 hrs
Tuesday 08.45 – 09.15 hrs
Wednesday 08.45 – 09.15 hrs
Thursday 08.45 – 09.15 hrs
Friday 08.45 – 09.15 hrs
Saturday 08.45 – 09.15 hrs
Sunday 08.45 – 09.15 hrs
  • Nature Tour
  • Trekking
  • Soft Adventure
  • Guided Tour

Half-Day Tour



  • Approximate Duration: 3 hrs 30 mins
  • Minimum: 2 adults

Tour Highlights

  • The Orchid Garden
  • Insect Museum
  • Butterfly Park
  • Bird Park


  • Excluding camera fee


Adult Rate Child Rate
from MYR 160.00 from MYR 100.00

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